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The Best Beers For Spring

Beers For SpringSpring is here.  Celebrate the arrival of the new season with fresh seasonal spring beers.

Majority in the beer industry release their seasonal spring offerings that bring delight to beer fans. Clubs and Resto bars usually offer a selection of spring-style beers. Darker, maltier and boozier brews of the cold season will now be replaced by hoppier, crisper and refreshing beers.

From crisp saisons to hoppy helles lagers to robust Belgian ales, there’s surely a spring beer out there for you. Regardless of which spring-style beer you prefer, what matters most is that you’ve enjoyed the finest brews before the season ends. Who knows? You might learn how to make beer in the process. Here’s a list of the best beers to drink for the bloom season.

Columbia Common Spring Ale

A common style of lighter beer that tastes a little bready with very slight amount of sour, resinous pine and grassy flavor. The floral aroma of this dark amber-hued spring ale makes it a perfect refreshing drink while you’re out and about in spring festivals. Its uniqueness is drawn from the ale and lager yeasts the beer is brewed with. Columbia Common Spring Ale is brewed by Widmer Brothers Brewing in Portland, MA. It contains 4.7 percent ABV.

The Bruery Saison De Lente

The bold flavors and appearance of Bruery Saison De Lente make it a perfect Lent seasonal drink. The white, frothy head is a delight that lingers for a while upon pouring. This pale golden ale delivers tart flavors of clove and citrus peel. The Brettanomyces yeast it’s brewed with is responsible for its green apple, lemon and wild funk aromas. The Bruery Saison De Lente is bottle-conditioned, unfiltered farmhouse ale with 6.5 percent ABV. This beer is a spring seasonal offering of The Bruery in California.

Alpine Spring

Alpine Spring is a Helles style of beer that has a hazy golden hue with 5.5 percent ABV. This brew offers a combination of crisp flavors from lemon, orange and citrus rind. Brewed and dry-hopped with German Tettnang-Tettnanger Noble hops. The blend of malts renders a sweet body similar to the taste of honey and caramel. Alpine Spring is an unfiltered lager hence, it is noticeably cloudy.  This beer is brewed by the Boston Beer Company in Boston, MA.

California Spring

An impressive Belgian style seasonal spring beer with a hoppy wheat taste – that’s the California Spring beer. The combination of floral and tangy flavors makes it an irresistible spring beer. California Spring is a seasonal Hangar 24 Craft Brewery product.

Gordon Biersch Maibock

The taste of craft German beer is proudly presented in Gordon’s Maibock brew. This beer is brewed using craft German brewing techniques. This American version of the Bavarian style brew has an amber color with copper and orange shades. It renders a rich malty flavor from its dark roasted caramel malt. The taste of this Bavarian brew is perfected by the Weihenstephan yeast strain – a strain native to Bavaria.  It has a sweet, malty taste but the 7.3 percent ABV will remind you not to over indulge.

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